Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Ride the Dating Roller-Coaster?

God has a plan for you. If He wants you to get married you will. You don't have to worry about when, where, or who. Your Heavenly Father already knows. He has the perfect match for you. I don't mean a perfect person; I mean perfect for you. You don't have to ride the dating roller-coaster to find that person either. You don't have to try one of those online dating sites. Not even the "Christian" ones. When the time is right God will bring you together. You don't have to worry about impressing people or showing yourself off. You don't have to worry about whether or not that person likes you. When it is time you will know. You don't have to have your heart broken because the person you were "in love" with broke up with you. Instead of focusing on your boyfriend/girlfriend you can focus on what God is calling you to do! Maybe God has a huge plan for you. Maybe He provides you with an opportunity to further His Kingdom, but you are too immersed in the dating scene to notice. Maybe you stop reading your Bible or going to church because your boyfriend doesn't go. You start changing yourself to make your boyfriend like you. You start trying to fill that empty spot, that can only be filled by God and with God, with your boyfriend. The truth is dating causes heartache and compromise! So, why even go there? Give it to God! Trust me HE can handle it!

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