Friday, November 11, 2011

Set Apart Girl- Dabbling in Darkness

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"A friend of mine was struggling with spiritual attack upon her life; waking up with horrible nightmares and battling fearful, irrational thoughts on a nearly constant basis. One afternoon as we met together for prayer, she casually mentioned that she’d just come from a movie. When she told me which one she’d seen, I was taken aback. It was a horror/suspense film, and though it was one of the “milder” ones, it still was all about demonic darkness and death. Suddenly it was obvious to me where her nightmares and fearful thoughts were coming from. By filling her mind with darkness, she was leaving herself wide open for the prince of darkness to wreak havoc upon her soul and subconscious. It’s a bit like sitting outside on a muggy Minnesota evening covered in sugar-water instead of bug-spray. You might as well hang a sign on your forehead that says “Mosquitoes welcome here!” And when we bathe our thoughts in evil instead of good, we might as well hang a sign over the door of our mind that says, “Darkness welcome here!”"

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