Friday, August 3, 2012

An interview with the girls from Bloom!

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the girls from Bloom! the online magazine for Christian girls!

Megan Dutill- Co-founder and Writer

Us: At what point in your life did you devote your life to Christ?
Megan: "Well, I grew up in a Christian family, so I was always surrounded by that kind of life and love. I became a Christian when I was very little, but actually devoting my life to Christ? That took a lot more time. It started happening in my early teens, when I began exploring and questioning and figuring out what I believed, how to take my faith as my own. It was so crucial to me at this stage to be reading thoughtful books and have friends who were also serious about faith, and who continually challenged and encouraged me. But really, devoting my life to Christ? It's something that happens every day, and I'm still learning!"

Us: What are your future goals?

Megan: Through the opportunities I've had in college, I've realized that I absolutely love reaching out to women, mentoring and being mentored and simply being friends. Whatever I end up doing with my life and career, my goal is to continue to nurture and create these friendships and spaces to be safe and real with each other.

Joanna Suich- Co-founder and Writer

Us: Could you tell us about your past missions and current projects? And how God led you to them?

Joanna: "At the age of 13, God opened the door for me to go on a mission trip to minister to the Roma (Gypsies) in Romania.  I wasn't "supposed" to go, according to the age minimum, but God wanted me to go and I'm so glad He miraculously arranged it!  During our ten days in the villages, He opened my eyes to what I had kind of been blind to before - there are real people hurting in the world who need to hear the Good News.  Of course I knew that in my head, but being in Romania and seeing how the Roma live and how they are discriminated against and hurt by others made me see it clearly with my heart.
After that trip, I knew He had much more in store for me in regards to missions and I couldn't wait to see what He'd do over the years.  In 2010 I spent two months living and serving in Panama, including five weeks of no running water or electricity in remote rain forests of the Ngöbe Buglétribe.  Between being a clown in a costume, teaching a Bible story, almost dying from a spider bite, eating rice and yucca everyday, it was quite the adventure.  It was such an honor for our team to be the first white people one village had ever seen and then go on to share the Gospel with them.
The Lord has given me a special love for the outcasts of the world and as I look back at each trip I've gone on, I realize that I've always ministered to outcasts, without my realizing it!
Since 13, God has led me on 10 mission trips...I never dreamed that I'd become a bit of a world traveling missionary!  Now I'm 22 years old and am seeking the Lord in regards to what's the next step in my life.  As I "wait", I serve at my church by teaching Sunday School once a month and next week will be helping with my church's Vacation Bible School.  It's such a privilege to share the Gospel with the children during the week!
As for how He leads me to mission trips and projects, it's been amazing to experience His leading in a variety of ways - Scripture, friends and family, opportunities that pop up, surprises...I think the key is being willing and open to do what He wants, even if you're unsure if you'll like it or feel comfortable, because it's not about me, it's all about Him!"

Us: What are some of your favorite books?

Joanna: "I'm glad that you asked what some of my favorites are, because it's almost impossible for me to choose just one:
~ "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen - it's a beautiful classic book with some powerful lessons.  It's humorous, intriguing, and thought-provoking.  I love it.
~ "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris - this is one of the books that the Lord used to change my heart (and that's not because I'm in it twice, either).  It's about doing hard things for the glory of God.  It's about living life passionately, seeking ways to serve, and so much more.
~ "Before You Meet Prince Charming" by Sarah Mally - this book is a gem, really.  It has many important lessons, ideas and thoughts for young ladies who would one day like to court.  A lovely, inspiring read."

Victoria Suich- Poet and Designer

Us: What is something God has been teaching you lately?

Victoria: "God has been teaching me several things lately, but one of the things is that He loves and cares for each of us on an individual level- He doesn't just say, "I love the world!" He demonstrates that He loves me and my neighbor and my neighbor's neighbor, and so on... so that it does equal the whole world! But it's not just a universal thing- it's a personal, unique experience, because He knows all about each and every one of us individually. (See Psalm 139 and Isaiah 40.)"

Us:If you could say one thing to young Christians today what would it be?

Victoria: "I would encourage young Christians today to not let themselves fall prey to the low expectations that people often place on today's teens. Don't give up or give in- what other people say or think of you is not what defines you. You are the one who decides whether their expectations are right or wrong. There's a lot of great people in history were not expected to succeed- in fact they were often expected to fail. But these great people became great because they wouldn't listen to others' expectations."

Krista Rodriguez- Writer

Us: Do you have a "life" Bible verse?

Krista: "Yes. My life verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so that Christ's power may rest upon me.""

Us: Do you have a favorite quote?

Krista: "One of my favorite quotes is, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." by Jim Elliot"
Emily Horton- Photographer and Designer

Us: How did you come to know your Savior?

Emily: "I have been blessed to have grown up in a Christian home. So, there was not a time in my life that I had not been told who Jesus is and how much He loves me. I thank God for this fact everyday. Now, just because I have been raised in a Christian home does not mean that I have not had to work on and develop my personal relationship with God. I have to work on truly seeking Him everyday and when I do that He reveals more of Himself to me. So, really I am still getting to know Him. Everyday I feel like I get to know Him better seeing just a little more of Who He is. "
Us: Please tell us about a time in your life that God has really spoken to you.

Emily: "For me personally, God speaking to me doesn't have to be about something really important. Some times it is, like when He told me to email Bloom! and offer to do photography for them. I had no idea that they were about to post about looking for a photographer, but God did. He had a plan and it has been such a blessing to work with these girls. Now, really God talks to me everyday. He reminds me to keep my focus on Him. He gives me the Bible verses I need at the moment I need to hear them. He even reminds me of the little things like in the night, "Go check on Ben (my little brother)!" I'll go check on him and he is about to fall out of bed.There are so many times like these. He is there always and He is always ready to talk. All we have to do is seek Him!"

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