Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Useful Tool

The internet has changed how the world works forever; but was this change for the better? The internet has a lot to offer, both good and bad. How we use the internet is what determines whether it is a change for the better or for the worse. The internet is a powerful and useful tool that must be handled with care to prevent permanent damage to our mind, body, and soul.
The internet as I said before is a tool. It does not choose what is shown on its sites. It does not choose how it is used. The internet is no different than the hammer. The hammer cannot hit the nail by itself. A hand must swing it. The internet cannot post pictures and words by itself. People have to. The hammer can be used to build a house. Likewise, the internet can be used for God’s glory and to better the world. The hammer can also hurt us when we hit our thumb. Did the hammer mean to hurt us? No. We did the swinging didn’t we? In the same way the internet can hurt us if we do not use it with care and self-control! Satan uses evil people to swing his hammer of destruction. Just like God uses the righteous for His work!
This tool makes everything easier and helps expand the Word of God all over the world . Through Christian websites, radios, and even Christian ads the internet helps plant the seed. The problem is there is far more evil than good. Let’s look at the good first; it has changed the shopping world forever. You can have five or more different stores’ websites up at the same time. Instead of having to drive to several different locations. If you want to look something up just type the word or phrase into a search engine and there’s everything you could ever want to know about the subject. Blogs, Facebook, e-mail, and other such resources help friends and family keep in touch throughout their daily lives. Great amounts of knowledge can be gained from the internet. In this sense the internet is a wonderful tool that enhances our lives.
However, not only does the internet make our lives easier, it also makes it much easier for Satan to get into our hearts. There are sinful, impure pictures all over the internet. Do not think because you are searching for a totally pure and innocent topic that you are safe from these kinds of images. Even on what we assume to be “safe” websites bad pictures can show up. When you see impure images they never leave your mind. No matter haw bad you want them out. They stay. This is permanent damage! Do not take it lightly. It is not just what we think is bad that Satan uses… Shopping for example; we will probably buy and spend more online than we would in the store because it is just so easy to click “buy“. Now, I am not saying that online shopping is bad. I am saying that online shopping without self-control is bad. Even connecting with friends and family can be used to the benefit of Satan if you are spending too much time chatting with friends when you could be doing something progressive for God. The Bible says that on the day of judgment you will give account for your every idle word! (Matthew 12:36) Looking up things on the internet instead of using a book encourages laziness. In fact, everything about the internet encourages laziness. “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive His approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15) Not to mention the predators that lie about who they are and commit evil crimes. Crimes are committed everyday and I believe that the internet plays a big part in them. The internet encourages people to commit crimes, be lazy, and impure! All of this is against God’s Word!
Use the internet with caution. Do not believe anything you see or read. Trust only the Bible! Do not even trust other believers until you have checked their word against His Word. Use the Bible as a filter for everything you see and hear. Remember that you are not your own. You are God’s. Protect His temple. “Turn my eyes from worthless things and give me life through Your word.” (Psalm 119:37)
The internet itself is not bad. It is the way that we use it and the way that Satan uses it to poison our mind, body, and soul! We can, however, use this tool to build a house. There are endless opportunities when using the internet. Just remember Who you are using it for. People of today get too lazy and use this tool too much for idle things with no eternal meaning. This is wasting precious time that could be spent honoring God. Don’t waste time on fluff. The Bible says that all things good are done in His name! Only use the internet for good; for God’s glory and stay away from Satan’s traps! If we can accomplish this, the internet will be a hero’s tool.


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