Friday, April 6, 2012

Thank you, Jesus!

Hi everyone. It's Good Friday, as you probably know. Yesterday I posted about remembering our Lord's sacrifice, and I think I will continue with that idea. If Jesus had not been crucified, you would not have the ability to talk to Him at any moment you desire. You would not be able to obtain His strength, His love, His grace, or His mercy. Also, you would never be able to live eternally with your Creator. If you are like me, the fact that you will be living with Jesus forever and ever is sometimes the only thing that keeps you going during the day! What if we didn't have that promise? What if we had no hope, no home waiting for us, no Savior ready to see us face to face someday? That is exactly where we would be if Jesus had not died for us. I talked yesterday about how, though it is almost always uncomfortable and hard to talk about Jesus' death, it is not a bad thing to discuss. Well, I am going to put that into action. Do you know how you die when you are crucified? (Yes, yes, I know this is not a pleasant thing to talk about.) A few months ago, we discussed that topic in my Sunday school class. If you didn't know (I didn't know until the teacher told us!), you basically suffocate to death. I don't know exactly what I thought you died of; I guess I just didn't think about it that much. However, now that we realize that, isn't that horrendous? (This is a very sad topic, I realize that. Just bear with me!) I have a hard time even imagining the pain Jesus must have gone through. It is just mind-blowing. And to think that He did it for us! We were the ones that rebelled against Him in Genesis, and here He is dying on a cross for us! We were the ones that mocked Him and spit on Him and stabbed nails through His wrists, and here He is praying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” (Luke 23:34) We were responsible for His death, and here He is calling us His children! (1 John 3:1) It is incomprehensible! His love is amazing! Whenever I think about the unchanging, profound love He has for me, I am always at a loss for words. What do you say to the God of the universe who loves the sinful you so much that He became sin for you? I really don't know. In times like this, when we are just so astounded by His love, words are hard to come by. Thankfully, our Lord knows us better than we know ourselves, and He understands what we mean even when we have no words to say. Today we remember our Lord's unfailing faithfulness, even unto death (Philippians 2:8). We remember His unfathomable goodness and love toward us sinners who crucified Him. We remember, and even though we don't really know what to say, we do the only thing we can think of. We shout and cry, "Thank You, Jesus, thank You!"

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